Women bags.

Be yourself, be fun, be different! Welcome to our space, diverse and colorful. CLUB OF BAGS invites you to visit the best collection of wallets, bags, and backpacks aimed at today’s woman. Whether you are an elegant woman or a young teenager.
You will be able to see many shapes and textures, diversity of patterns, styles, and functionalities. Find a reinterpretation of every occasion always. Style is something very personal and you should always carry it with you.

Crossbody and shoulder bags

And we all know that crossbody bags are one of the most popular styles because they are so comfortable to wear.

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Backpack for girls

This practical style of bag is an increasingly frequent alternative for women today.

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Casual luggage.

Casual means an everyday bag means an oversized bag or cloth bag. Casual is versatile, it is a comfortable bag, a bag that adapts to different occasions.

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Maternal bags.

Beautiful variety of practical luggage designed for motherhood. Great functionality in sophisticated, high-quality backpacks. So you can have everything you need for baby care.

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